About Me

My name is Rafaël Warnault, I am a 27 years old software developer specialized in network programming and open-source development. I am also interested in medical imaging, web design and UNIX server administration. I work at OPALE as a software developer and for myself as a freelance on my free time. My life is also animated by my love for urban music, street-art, writing, poetry and by my voluntary investment in several organisations working in these fields.

Consulting, project study, software analysis and specifications.

Development of Objective-C/cocoa application for iOS and Mac OSX.

Design and implementation of websites using Wordpress or Ruby on Rails.

Administration of UNIX-based system and web server technologies.


I offer my services as a software developer to support you in the conduct of your web and/or iOS projects. I am as specialized in websites, web-applications and web-services as in Cocoa programming for iOS or Mac OSX. I also have several skills in the field of server administration and UNIX systems. Let's meet us around a coffee in Paris, I will be glad to help you moving forward with your projects. Contact me here.


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Ruby On Rails
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UNIX admin
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